Thank you, parents, for your support during this unusual year. Really, it was "just" the last two or three months of school that were so strange and challenging, but regardless of how much time we were and weren't in class, I will have wonderful memories of your children. We learned a lot, had a lot of laughs, and faced and overcame new obstacles. It was my pleasure to teach these children.

If your child still has a classroom library book, Phantom Tollbooth book, or Harriet the Spy book, please have them bring it to Room 18 after school during the first week of class. 

If your child has a borrowed Chromebook, please make sure they bring it back to Room 18 on the first day of fifth grade.

If your child wants to get back any unclaimed classwork, like the Cereal Box project or the Movie Advertisement, for instance, have them come to me after school during the first week of fifth grade.

If your child wants to retrieve a special item they left in the class, such as their own pencil box or a unique pen, for instance, have them come to me after school during the first week of fith grade. 

For the summer, here are some additional resources you may wish to have your child use. 

June 12th:

Last "official" day of school, although we'll only be doing Zoom lessons on Monday and Wednesday. ​

5th Grade

While we don't know what the next school year is really going to look like yet, if it is at all "normal," there will be three fifth grade classes. Fourth grade teachers are required to divide their current students up three ways, with a third going to each fifth grade class. There is no "good" or "bad" class. All fifth grade teachers will have a cluster of students who have been identified as gifted, and will be teaching the same standards. Fourth grade teachers have to consider multiple elements (besides maintaining an equal amount of identified gifted students in each class) in their decisions of where to place students for fifth grade, including behavior issues, gender balance, and other factors. No matter what, rest assured that all fifth grade teachers will be highly capable and knowledgeable to teach your child. 

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