This website is for both parents and students. Homework is listed in students' planners each day and should be checked over by parents each afternoon/evening. Homework includes not just new work, but carefully checking the day's classwork, preparing for upcoming tests, reading, working on any long-term assignments, getting forms or tests signed, finishing any old work or "checks," and returning materials the next day.

what the classroom needs

Parents received a letter the first day of class telling what students individually need, but our classroom could use your donations as well. We have a reward system for students that complete all their homework on time each day of the week for the entire week. If you could send in edible and non-edible rewards like mini-toys and treats for our Treat Table, that would be great. Remember, they must be new, small, and non-perishable. If it's chocolate or candy, please try to avoid nuts. We will need to replenish this supply all year long, so if you can't contribute right now, that's okay! Thank you to these donors

what's coming up?

All upcoming academic events like book reports, due dates, and tests will be listed in your child's planning calendar. That's one more reason why it's so important to read through it with your child each afternoon/evening when you're reviewing your child's classwork/homework.

You may view the holiday video by clicking the link here and using the password you were given. Please remember not to share this video on social media as it contains the images of children other than your own.

Monday, January 24th: Students get California Gold Rush activity signed, and fix it if they got a 1 or a 2. They also get their progress report signed if they receive one.

Tuesday, January 25th: Students get their Pattern Pandemonium activity signed, and fix it if they got a 1 or a 2. 

Friday, January 28th: Reading test. 

Monday, February 7th: Students bring their completed and approved biography book to class.

Friday, February 11th: Biography book report essay and project due. We will have worked on this all week in class. Parents should be reviewing it at home during the week before it is turned in.