As children get older, they begin to learn the responsibility of preparing for upcoming events. Your child's homework, in addition to the basic daily review assignment, includes studying for upcoming tests.


The weekly Reading test is on a passage students haven't yet read, but involves skills the students have been learning all year, according to the Common Core standards, and goes beyond basic comprehension.  

How do they prepare for a test like that? Students should be reviewing all their classwork at home, and if you can help that would be great.  Everything they do in class is written in their planning calendar.  Students can reread and review important terms, questions they answered, and other information contained in their work. If you are available, you can go through and ask them these key questions:

"How did you know this was the answer? Can you show me where it says that in the text?"

For math tests, they should be doing practice problems from the chapter the test will be on. Those problems can be ones they've already done (cover their previous work and answers, of course) or ones that we didn't get to from that chapter.

Please know, they may bring home any of their books and work home each day, as long as they return them the next day.  

We will usually have reading tests on Fridays, and math tests on Wednesdays, but there are exceptions.

If your child says, "Yes, I finished my homework," make sure that includes studying for their upcoming tests.